Affiliated meetings

Affiliated meetings are symposia that run parallel to the CLMPS 2015 programme, and belong to the congress programme.

The details of the affiliated meetings will be updated on the CLMPS 2015 program.

List of affiliated meetings

A1. Let’s act! - Formal models of collective agency, intention, and responsibility

Frederik Van De Putte, Ghent University

A2. Proof theory of modal and non-classical logics

Giovanna Corsi, University of Bologna
Sara Negri, University of Helsinki

A2. The Logical Structure of Correlated Information Change (LogiCIC)

Sonja Smets, University of Amsterdam

A3. The Legacy of Joachim Lambek (FoLLI affiliated meeting)

Michael Moortgat, Utrecht University
Philip Scott, University of Ottawa

B1. Logical, Modelling and Philosophical Foundations of Science - Historical Development, Current Investigations and Perspectives


Boris Chendov, (independent scholar)
Peeter Müürsepp, Tallinn University of Technology
Arto Mutanen, Finnish National Defence University

C1. Mathematical Objectivity by Representation

Florian Steinberger, LMU
Marco Panza , CNRS

C1. Philosophy of Mathematical Practice

Andrew Arana, University of Illinois
Emily Grosholz, Penn State University
Dirk Schlimm, McGill University

C8. A Social Philosophy of Science: An Affiliated Meeting

Ilya Kasavin, Institute of Philosophy

Instructions for affiliated meetings


Affiliated meetings are symposia that run parallel to the CLMPS 2015 programme, and belong to the congress programme. Affiliated meetings should last longer than the normal two-hour symposia sessions, but should not be longer than one day or two half-days. Affiliated meetings will be announced on the congress webpage and on the congress programme book, and the congress organizers will arrange appropriate facilities (rooms etc.).

Affiliated meetings must meet the following conditions:

  1. The programme must be approved by the Programme Committee
  2. Each participant (speaker or not) of the affiliated meeting must be a registered participant of CLMPS 2015 or Logic Colloquium 2015.
  3. The symposium is open to all participants of CLMPS 2015 and Logic Colloquium 2015.
  4. The length of an affiliated meeting should not exceed one full day.
  5. The CLMPS 2015 organizers should receive the final programme of the affiliated meeting to be included in the programme book by April 30, 2015.

Proposals for affiliated meetings should be send by using the CLMPS 2015 abstract submission form. Unlike other CLMPS 2015 submissions, affiliated meetings submissions are not blind-reviewed, and therefore the abstract text should include:

  1. The names and email-addresses of the organizer(s) and the speakers of the affiliated meeting with their homepage addresses.
  2. A description of the aim and scope of the meeting
  3. Short (max 300 words) abstracts of the planned talks
  4. A preliminary programme of the affiliated meeting

The maximum length of the affiliated meeting proposals is 4000 words. The submission deadline for the affiliated meetings is November 30, 2014.

If one participates in an affiliated meeting proposal, one cannot submit an individual contributed paper where one is the main author (it is possible to be a co-author of a contributed paper, but then the main author of this paper must submit the paper and be registered as a participant).