Key information

  • Dates: 22-23 May 2017
  • Place: Helsinki, Finland
  • Address: Metsätalo/Forestry House, Unioninkatu 40, room 6
  • Keynote speakers:
    • Erik Angner (Philosophy, University of Stockholm)
    • Arno Riedl (Economics, Maastricht University)
  • Organizers and contact:

  • Program (.pdf) and Book of Abstracts (.pdf)



Once challengers to the economic orthodoxy of rational choice, behavioural economists have now established a respected status within mainstream economics. Behavioural economists receive substantial funding, space in top journals, positions in elite departments, prestigious prizes and appointments for institutionally influential posts, as well as increasing attention from the mainstream media and policy makers. Historical and bibliometric analyses confirm this "mainstreaming" of behavioural economics.

Several questions regarding behavioural economics' identity have become salient, as it entered mainstream, finding applications in subfields as diverse as finance, development, education, labour, mechanism design, real estate, environment, and welfare. What is, if any, the core of this research program? How exactly is behavioural economics related to received economic theories to which it - at least at the outset - vigorously objected? Has it decisively estranged itself from psychology, from which its significant part originated? Or is it still evolving under the interdisciplinary influences of behavioural and cognitive sciences? What kind of normative investigations inspired by behavioural economics inform policy recommendations?

These are the open questions to which practicing behavioural economists themselves provide diverging answers. This two-day workshop thus critically examines diverse scientific principles and practices in behavioural economics, its (sub)disciplinary identity, normative implications and multiple ways of integrating psychological and other relevant scientific findings with economics.


Downloadable PDF version of the program.


Workshop Site

The workshop venue is located in city centre at Forest House ("Metsätalo"), Unioninkatu 40 (Google Maps), room 6, 3rd floor. There is also another entrance on the side of Fabianinkatu.


Lunch breaks are "free": you can choose where to have lunch. There are many options near the workshop venue, here are a few of them:

  • Unicafe Latin Market Forest House (Web page)

    A University restaurant, located in the workshop building.

    Price: 8€ including side salad, main course/salad, and bread.

  • Citypie (Web page)

    Light lunch: pies, soups, salads

    Price: 10-13 EUR

    Distance from workshop venue: 300m, 4min walk
    Address: Vuorikatu 6 A 2 (link to Google Maps)

  • Espresso Edge (Web page)

    Nearby café. Soup+sandwich or salad.

    Price: 10,20 EUR

    Distance from workshop venue: 210m, 3min walk
    Address: Liisankatu 29 (link to Google Maps)

  • Fratello (Web page)

    Nearby café. Salads, pasta, risotto etc.

    Price: 10-13 EUR

    Distance from workshop venue: 350m, 4min walk
    Address: Yliopistonkatu 6 (link to Google Maps)

  • Mezopotamya (Web page)

    Lunch buffet, mediterranean cuisine

    Price: around 10 EUR

    Distance from workshop venue: 250m, 3min walk
    Address: Mikonkatu 17 (link to Google Maps)

  • Pompier Espa (Web page, in Finnish)

    Salad buffet, warm dishes changing daily

    Price: 10 - 13 EUR

    Distance from the workshop venue: 700m, 10min walk
    Address: Eteläesplanadi 8 (link to Google Maps)

  • Sori Taproom (Web page)

    Soup and salad buffet, burgers, steaks etc.

    Price: 10 - 13 EUR

    Distance from workshop venue: 160m, 2min walk
    Address: Vuorikatu 16 (link to Google Maps)

  • Sunn (Web page)

    Nearby restaurant, nice walk through the senat square.

    Price: 10-13 EUR

    Distance from workshop venue: 450m, 5min walk
    Address: Aleksanterinkatu 26 (link to Google Maps)

  • Via Tribunali (Web page)

    Naples style pizza made in stone oven from Naples. Also salads.

    Price: 12-18 EUR

    Distance from workshop venue: 550m, 6min walk
    Address: Sofiankatu 4 (link to Google Maps)


Below you can find a compiled list of nearby hotels in aplhabetical order.

  • Cumulus Kaisaniemi Helsinki
  • Hotel Cumulus Kaisaniemi is a decent mid-priced hotel in the Helsinki city centre, just a few blocks from the conference venue.

    Distance from the conference venue: 190 m, 2 min walk.

  • GLO Hotel Kluuvi
  • GLO Hotel Kluuvi is a good hotel located in the commercial center of Helsinki, right by the main shopping street Aleksanterinkatu.

    Distance from the conference venue: 550m, 7 min walk.

  • Hostel Academica
  • Hostel Academica is a low-priced environmentally-friendly, central hostel that offers a free morning sauna, as well as rooms with a private kitchenette, toilet, and shower.

    Distance from the conference venue: 1,8 km, 23 min walk.

  • Hotel Arthur
  • Hotel Arthur is a modest hotel located in the Helsinki city centre next to the conference venue.

    Distance from the conference venue: 200 m, 3 min walk.

  • Hotel Haven
  • Hotel Haven is a new, high-class 77-room boutique hotel with Scandinavian design, located by the seaside next to the Market Square.

    Distance from the conference venue: 700 m, 9 min walk.

  • Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki
  • Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki is a high class, tasteful business hotel in the heart of Helsinki. Historically over 180 years old, Seurahuone is one of the most traditional hotels in Finland. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, near shopping, main attractions and cultural events.

    Distance from the conference venue: 700 m, 9 min walk.

  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Plaza is an upscale hotel near the conference venue.

    Distance from the conference venue: 350 m, 4 min walk.

  • Sokos Hotel Helsinki
  • Original Sokos Hotel Helsinki is located on the pulse of the city, between Ateneum Art Museum and Senate Square in the centre of the capital with its busy shopping area. All hotel rooms have a youthful Scandinavian theme.

    Distance from the conference venue: 400 m, 5 min walk.


If you are arriving to Helsinki by plane, from the airport you can either take a bus or a train to the Main Railway Station in the city centre or a taxi straight to your place of stay.

The taxi costs something between 40-50 euros and takes about 20 minutes. During rush hour (7-9 in the morning, 15-18 in the afternoon) this can be closer to 40.

The train costs about six euros and takes about 30 minutes. Timetable

The Finnair City Bus costs about seven euros and takes about 30 minutes. Timetable

The public transport bus costs the same as the train, about five euros. Timetable

Helsinki is also easily reached by overnight ferries from Stockholm or a day ferry from Tallinn (duration 1,5-3,5 hours). There is also a direct train connection from St. Petersburg (duration about four hours).

Transportation in Helsinki

You can find information about timetables and routes of public transport in the Helsinki Journey Planner.

The easiest way to get a taxi in Helsinki is to walk to the nearest taxi pole or call +358 100 0700 at any time. There are numerous taxi poles in the city centre, the closest being at the railway station.