Perspectives on Science seminar

As a precaution against Covid-19, PoS seminars are organized as online conferences until further notice. The seminar will take place in Zoom, an application supported by University of Helsinki. Conference calls can be joined from Chrome browser or from a desktop application.

JOINING THE SEMINARS: To get a link for joining the seminars in Zoom, please contact research assistants jannika.lalu(a) or kaisla.kareoja(a)

Coordinated by Caterina Marchionni (caterina.marchionni(at)

Perspectives on Science seminar is held primarily on Mondays from 14 to 16.

Spring 2020

  • 20.1. Janne I. Hukkinen (HELSUS & University of Helsinki):
    Analyzing path-dependent decision making in wicked socio-ecological disruptions
    Unioninkatu 37, lecture room

  • 27.1. Samuli Reijula (TINT & University of Helsinki) & Jaakko Kuorikoski (TINT & Tampere University):
    The problem of the problem in diversity theorems
    Unioninkatu 37, lecture room

  • 3.2. Carlo Martini (TINT & Vita-Salute San Raffaele University):
    Fake news, communicative gaps, and their impact on the doctor-patient relationship
    Unioninkatu 37, lecture room

  • 10.2. Matti Sarkia, Tuukka Kaidesoja and Mikko Hyyryläinen (TINT, HCAS & University of Helsinki):
    Mechanistic Explanations in the Cognitive Social Sciences: Lessons from Three Case Studies
    Unioninkatu 37, lecture room

  • 24.2. Pekka Syrjänen (University of Helsinki):
    Are agent-centered theories superfluous in the prediction versus accommodation debate?
    Unioninkatu 37, lecture room

  • 9.3. Alfonso García Lapeña (University of Barcelona):
    Truthlikeness and Scientific laws: defining and estimating distance to the truth
    Fabianinkatu 33 (Main Building), room 12

  • 16.3. Aki Lehtinen (TINT & University of Helsinki):
    Core models
    Online seminar in Zoom

  • 16.4. Sonja Amadae (TINT & University of Helsinki):
    The Logic of Discriminatory Conventions
    Online seminar in Zoom

  • 20.4. Alessandra Basso (TINT & University of Helsinki):
    Integrative Approaches to Psychiatric Nosology: a measurement perspective
    Online seminar in Zoom

  • 4.5. Uskali Mäki (TINT & University of Helsinki):
    Homo economicus under multiple pressures
    Online seminar in Zoom

  • 1.6. Inkeri Koskinen (TINT & Tampere University):
    We have no social epistemology of AI-based science
    Online seminar in Zoom

  • For past seminars, please see here.