Uskali Mäki

Professor of Practical Philosophy, University of Helsinki

Director of TINT - Centre for Philosophy of Social Science

Visiting Professor, College of Philosophy, Nankai University,
Tianjin, China (2019-2021, two months in a year)

Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Johannesburg,
African Centre for Epistemology and Philosophy of Science [ACEPS]

Academy Professor, Academy of Finland (2006-2011, 2012-2017)
Former Professor and Director at Erasmus Institute for Philosophy
and Economics [EIPE], Erasmus University of Rotterdam (1995-2006)
Former Editor of Journal of Economic Methodology [JEM](1996-2005)
Former Chair of the International Network for Economic Method [INEM]



Areas of interest and expertise

Philosophy of science, Philosophy of economics, Models, Scientific realism, Interdisciplinarity, Economic methodology, Social studies of science, Social ontology, Rhetoric of inquiry


Recent and forthcoming publications

Mäki, U. (2021). Homo Economicus under multiple pressures. In S. Egashira, M. Taishiro, W. Hands, U. Mäki (Eds): A Geneaology of Self-Interest. Routledge. [Download PDF]

Mäki, U. (2020). Notes on economics imperialism and norms of scientific inquiry. Revue de philosophie économique. Vrin. [Download PDF]

Mäki, U. (2019). Puzzled by idealizations and understanding their functions. Philosophy of the Social Sciences. SAGE Publications. [Download PDF]

Mäki, U., MacLeod, M., Merz, M., & Nagatsu, M. (2019). Investigating Interdisciplinary Practice: Methodological Challenges (Introduction). [Special issue]. Perspectives on Science: Philosophical, Historical, Sociological, 27 (4). MIT Press.

Mäki, U. (2018). Rights and wrongs of economic modelling: Refining Rodrik. Journal of Economic Methodology. [Download PDF]

Mäki, Uskali; Fernández Pinto, Manuela & Walsh, Adrian (Eds.) (2018). Scientific Imperialism: Exploring the Boundaries of Interdisciplinarity. Routledge.

Mäki, U., Walsh, A., & Fernández Pinto, M. (2018). Introduction: Core issues in scientific imperialism. In U. Mäki, M. Fernández Pinto, & A. Walsh (Eds.), Scientific Imperialism: Exploring the Boundaries of Interdisciplinarity. Routledge.

Salmela, Mikko and Mäki, Uskali (2018). Disciplinary Emotions in Interdisciplinary Interaction. In U. Mäki, M. Fernández Pinto, & A. Walsh (Eds.), Scientific Imperialism: Exploring the Boundaries of Interdisciplinarity. Routledge.


Recent and upcoming activities

Stanford, USA. Inaugural David M. Kreps Symposium on ​Is Homo Economics dead? Dying? Should he die? Invited. POSTPONED to 8 November 2020.

Bologna, Italy. Event on interdisciplinarity. Invited. 1-3 July 2020.

Toulouse, France. Examination of Sina Badiei's PhD thesis, 15 June 2020.

Durham, UK. Workshop on ​Theory and evidence in light of the dynamics of the scientific community. Invited. 23-24 April 2020. POSTPONED.

Nankai University, Tianjin, China. Visit for the month of March. POSTPONED.

Ghent, Belgium. Seminar. 6-7 February 2020.

Paris, France. Seminar at Cercle d’épistémologie économique, Paris I Sorbonne. 10 December 2019.

Lyon and Saint Etienne, France. Visiting Professor. 26 November - 20 December 2019. Seminars at Gate 28 November; Triangle 2 December; Lyon3 12 December; ENS 16 December.

More activities